Monday, June 30, 2014

30 Day Ramadan Countdown

I decided since I had some time this year to create a 30 day ramadan countdown for the kids. There are many ideas to source from on the internet and I took inspiration from those to come up with this. The kids took their first day off today and found a rhyme inside the box that lead them to search the house for a treat. They enjoyed it immensely and really recommend it to get the kids spirit of ramadan going! Hope you like! Ramadan Kareem :-))

Sunday, June 29, 2014

First day of ramadan!

 I prepared a few special surprises this year for the kids and one of them were these ramadan gift baskets I out together to keep them busy during the month and excited to do crafts and such. They ended up loving them and inshallah will be something I continue to do for them..

Ramadan Kareem from us to you!

Love the Fanoos look!

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan decor 2014

A year later...

Yes it's been a whole year since my last post! I have been missing in action very much due to working outside and inside of home as well as caring for my three precious rugrats! But here I am and crazy enough am about to post some ramadan photos of 2014...not 2013..ha! Anyhow hope you enjoy the pics of our ramadan decor this year and some neat ideas to get the kids inspired and going for ramadan god willing :-))

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Family’s Ramadan and Eid Traditions:
I made it a point to create my own traditions for Eid celebrations years ago when I had Ensaf and then Jamil. We decorate our house with Eid decorations which you can find anywhere now mashallah, which back then there was only a handful of items not there are tons from lights, banners, diy’s too!  I decorate Eid inspired cookies for every Eid, we make it a point to get up for suhoor as a family and pray, I give them a package/bag of activities and goodies at the beginning of Ramadan to help keep them busy during the month especially for times when you need quiet time to pray and read quran or just to rest! We also go for breakfast with family on the day of Eid and to the mosque in the morning, and we celebrate with friends and family all day long, visiting them and vice versa. We create Eid gifts for all our loved ones. And we always bake a bunch of goodies and food that we can share with our neighbor’s on days of Ramadan. Last year we distributed Dates with a Breaking Fast Dua attached to it, the kids really really loved it. Inshallah this motivates you make your traditions too!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ramadan is knocking on our door!

Subhanallah Ramadan is nearly upon us and I am very excited about it! I really feel like it's the one month we really get to slow down and connect with Allah swt, ourselves and our family and friends. What a blessed month truly! I am in the process of putting together a Ramadan Activity Kit for Ensaf, Jamil and Maryam for this year's ramadan. It includes craft exercises, colouring pages, calendars to keep track of good deeds done each day, creating our dua cards to go with our dates that we deliver to our neighbours to break fast with, poems, crosswords, word searches, quran recitation, ramadan lessons, moon gazing activity, a ramadan spirited scavenger hunt, and recipes for the kids to get their hands messy with. So excited about all this! And of course treats and a certificate of accomplishment which will be given to them once they have shown sincere effort for the month. So much reward comes from this month and inshallah we can make the most of it..stay tuned as I will post it all here inshallah!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Out of all things to get excited over! FEET!

I was lying down with little miss Maryam and all of a sudden I hear this sucking sound thinking she has found her bottle or something only to find she is sucking on her toes and is quite pleased by it! Haha